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Well…(drum roll please)…here it is! My long awaited website!

Welcome to all, and thank you for taking the time to visit and look past the home page! It’s so difficult knowing how to pitch a website when your work roles are so varied…one of the reasons I love my job so much, but portraying myself to so many different people on one site has been a real challenge. Please do let me know what you think! Any feedback (as long as constructive please) would be greatly appreciated.

I would also really like you to comment on what areas you would be keen to see blogs/articles about and what resources you consider would be useful. I am slowly but surely developing my knowledge in the area of social media and learning about the positives and pitfalls. But on the whole, it offers such an amazing free and interactive learning environment, and one that we can all share and enjoy together, no matter what specialism or sector you work in, whether you are indeed a colleague, a member of the public, or a potential new client.

I hope to update my news and resource pages fairly regularly, so please do keep checking back to catch up with the latest happenings at Rachel Wilson Occupational Therapy!