If you have a patient / client who would benefit from an occupational therapy assessment and intervention, contact me to discuss how I can help.

I have extensive experience of working in multidisciplinary teams across all sectors, with clients with a multitude of conditions, and I maintain ongoing communication and collaboration with all involved.

  • Assessment and advice.
  • Rehabilitation relating to physical, cognitive, psychological and social difficulties.
  • Individual or combined rehabilitation sessions.
  • Working in a graded way to support people to improve independence, quality of life, and occupational engagement in a safe and supported way.
  • Assessment for aids and adaptations.
  • Attendance at case conferences.
  • Supported hospital discharges for private patients or those wanting a more bespoke service than is available through statutory services.
  • Risk assessment and supported transfer of care from residential placements back to an individual’s own home.
  • Assessment within residential or respite placements with subsequent provision of recommendations regarding functional ability of the resident, especially when considering complex care plans and appropriate long term placements.
  • Education and health promotion regarding acute and long term conditions relating to how they impact on individuals’ lives and those around them, such as families and carers.
  • Assessment and advice on management of conditions now, as well as working to prepare people for how long term conditions might progress and what they can do to be ready for changes and challenges to reduce the risk of crises occurring.

  • Clarifying the confusion of people’s perceptions of what they can and cannot achieve functionally with a long term condition.