I am currently working with people with various amputations and am researching recreational and holiday options for the future. There really are some amazing services out there for these people and some very inspiring people to support their progress.

My research today has led me to be able to recommend funding for a chap with a complex triple amputation to resume snowboarding! Lessons are available at numerous locations throughout the country and are very reasonable in price; and once the prosthetic limbs have been sorted, it sounds like he wont even need specialist equipment! How amazing is that?!

The charity also offers guided skiing/boarding weeks in various destinations across the world. I knew there were services/charities out there like this, but actually researching the nitty gritty in order to put someone in the place to do it makes me feel very humbled by the courage and motivation of such clients, and in awe of the profession I work in. I love my job!