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The members of Peritus Network are all experienced independent care experts with a range of specialisms including acquired brain injury, spinal injury, paediatrics, multiple orthopaedic, and terminal illness.

We are all qualified occupational therapists with substantial experience of specialist practice and case management.

Our shared objective is to provide high quality medico-legal reports and expert witness services in civil litigation. While we make every effort to ensure consistency and reliability of our services, our priority is to ensure that our reports are tailored to each individual case rather than being ‘mass produced’.

By working in a co-operative manner, avoiding the costs of agency intermediaries, and by sharing our expertise and resources, we are able to provide our services at highly competitive rates.

Peritus is a Latin term meaning experienced, practised, skillful, expert. This name was chosen to reflect our level of expertise and commitment to providing quality products.

In line with established litigation principles, Peritus Network members are all self-employed independent practitioners in their capacity as expert witnesses. Peritus is a mark of quality, not a litigation intermediary.

Peritus Network does not have any dedicated officers or staff other than those employed by our individual members. All Peritus services will be provided within the resources of our individual membership, and it therefore follows that Peritus does not have a common contact point other than the website. However, all members are able to onwardly refer to colleagues where necessary and we have frequent conference calls and peer appraisals to share knowledge and to ensure that we maintain the highest standards.



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For individuals interested in expanding their skills and embarking on the journey of becoming an expert witness, I recommend you contact Simon Dickinson at Jacqueline Webb & Co Ltd via or telephone 01722 329156.

Jacqueline Webb & Co has 30 years’ experience working with personal injury and medical negligence lawyers, insurers and claimants/pursuers.