Are you looking for an independent occupational therapist / care expert with experience of writing comprehensive medico-legal reports, for Claimants, Defendants, or under joint instruction?

I prepare medico-legal reports as part of the Peritus Network, and complete detailed assessments with Claimants via a home visit or over the telephone if appropriate.

I offer a variety of report styles from basic information with costings, through to a full comprehensive report covering the following information:

  • Highly detailed introduction and assessment sections, based on evidence from assessment and other medical/expert reports.
  • Additional detailed narrative and costs on the following:
    • Past, current and future care, including case management and therapies if applicable.
    • Transport.
    • Equipment.
    • Miscellaneous – heating, holidays etc.
    • Housing/accommodation.
    • List of costs.

I have experience of working on complex generalist cases, and am regularly involved in case conferences and joint discussions. I have had professional courtroom experience preparation and undertake regular updates.

I complete work to tight time-scales with the support of a professional proof reader, and consistently receive excellent feedback for my involvement in cases.

I maintain up to date knowledge of case law, and have a sound understanding of Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR 35), its Practice Direction (PD 35), and the Guidance for the Instruction of Experts in Civil Claims 2014.

If you would like to discuss a potential instruction, please visit the Peritus Network website for further information and contact me directly to discuss on 01423 206919 or email me on or


‘Rachel completes exceptionally thorough assessments of claimants and produces a high number of reports each year, all of which are of a consistently high standard. Her reports are well-written, clearly and logically presented, and extremely comprehensive.’

Jenny Duffield, Consultant Team Leader, Jacqueline Webb & Co Ltd