After a whirlwind of a year in 2014, I am sat at my desk on this last day of the year reflecting on all that has happened.

There have been some sad and unfortunate circumstances relating to family health; however one has to expect this and deal with it as best one can, but I am grateful to have such wonderful friends and family to support me through these difficult times.

In terms of my business, I have celebrated the first year of taking on my own little office, which has been the best move I ever made. It has facilitated focus, added professionalism to my business, and helped me believe that little bit more that this is all real!

I have continued being inundated with expert witness work, which provides me with daily challenges and learning opportunities, but also a great deal of satisfaction as I continue to utilise my clinical reasoning skills to the highest degree to ensure no stone is unturned. None of this would be relevant if I did not maintain my clinical practise however, and my client base has continued to grow throughout the year, predominantly thanks to word of mouth from happy customers.

I have also had an increase in requests for professional and clinical supervision from lone-working therapists and those in emerging roles, as well as locum therapists who want that extra bit of support and direction. I have presented for Bradford uni and Griffith uni (in Brisbane!) and at the BAOT Northern and Yorkshire Regional Conference, co-hosted the Jacqueline Webb Conference, and chaired a number of sessions at The OT Show at the NEC. I have also had the pleasure of attending numerous development days in various areas that have all been unbelievably useful to my daily work.

None of these experiences would have been possible without the support of my wonderful colleagues and clients. I am wholeheartedly thankful to you all and look forward to continued collaboration into the coming year.

I have so many exciting plans in motion for the coming year(s), all of which I will keep you informed of as they develop, so please do keep checking back here for news.

May all your personal and professional goals for 2015 come true…I can assure you with hard work and determination, anything is possible!

Happy New Year to you all!