So…here it is…World Occupational Therapy Day 2014.

Congratulations to all you OT-related peeps out there! You are part of an astounding profession with so much going for it. I have recently started supervising some new people who have varying levels of experience but who all hold a really strong belief in our core values and skills and our underlying philosophy. I always leave the supervision sessions feeling invigorated and re-energised about all I do, even though the sessions are about them. We all have ‘up and down days’ in our day to day jobs (and our personal lives); however when our occupational balance is right…nothing could feel much better! Everything just flows that much easier!

So, today of all days, even if you are not doing anything particular for World OT Day, I want you to reflect back on your OT journey so far. Consider the positive experiences and the challenges, and accept them all as part of the learning curve. Think of the way society is changing and how we, as a profession, need to be flexible in our ability to adapt to these changes whilst maintaining our philosophical underpinnings. Remind yourself of our core skills, catch up on some of the amazing knowledge that is readily accessible via social media, and give yourself a pat on the back for carrying the profession forward to new and exciting challenges.